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Little Castles

House with formstone sidingWhat do you see when you look at this? A little castle? The people who lived here thought so.

The film’s title comes from a quote in it. The houses, says one of the interviewees, Leon Meekins, “looked like little castles when they were finished.
—Nicole Lewis Washington Post Staff Writer

Little Castles seems at first be a filmed cultural history of a building material. Why did a particular city in a particular time chose to cover itself in a substance called Formstone? But Formstone is a key into a city and its people and beneath the surface is the real story; of character and characters, of inventiveness, tradition and belonging.

Little Castles certainly deserves to be seen, offering as it does a fine introduction to an almost uniquely Baltimore institution.
—Chris Kaltenbach The Baltimore Sun

Every building—if it lasts long enough has a story and a history.

Not a Lady Among Us

Woman's Exchange store front windowIn the nineteenth century Women’s Exchanges formed a large powerful and national network that allowed women to help themselves through the dignity of their own work. Still continuing into the twenty-first century the Women’s Exchanges remain true to their mission: offering hope and help to the needy. The Foundation’s film Not a Lady Among Us, is the story of a philanthropic movement that began shortly after the Civil War and is active to this day. In a time when women had few options, this movement gave them the opportunity to support their families through crafts such as quilting, knitting, and dressmaking. Of the many “exchanges” that existed, thirteen remain, still committed to their founding principles. A quilt, a cake, a piece of lace…still mean what they did 125 years ago, “because I made them and have a place to sell them I can pay my bills and feed my children.”

The Foundation's films have been shown at The Kennedy Center, The Maryland Historical Society, The Johns Hopkins University, the annual meeting for The American Institute of Architects, and public television. It has been honored by Preservation Maryland, The Rosebud Film Festival, Rochester Film Festival, and awarded a Cine Golden Eagle. It has received funding from The City of Baltimore, The Maryland Humanities Council, Preservation Maryland, numerous foundations and private donors.

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